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Attendee - Accessing Live Sessions


When attempting to view the session schedule you may be prompted to login first, or you will be prompted to login when attempting to join the live session.



On the schedule page you will see each of the following:

  1. Tabs for each day of the conference. 
  2. Time and what zone the sessions are scheduled to
  3. The title of each session
  4. Action button. All sessions will have a View Session button. Attendees will select this button to view session details and have the option to join the session when it is live. 



When you click View Session button you will see the following:

  1. The title of the session
  2. The session description
  3. The list of presenters and their information  
  4. If the session has authors, they will appear here
  5. The join meeting button. If you are not logged in, the button will take you to the login screen. If you are already logged in but the meeting has not started yet, it will display what time the meeting will start. 
  6. Any handouts attached to the session can be viewed here. 
  7. If there is a pre-recorded video, you can view it by clicking the video player. After the live session is over, the recording will appear here as well. 
  8. If this session has a moderator, they will appear here.